Peach Danish Pastries 🇬🇧

Phil's Home Kitchen

These are very simple and utterly delicious Danish pastries, made using a short-cut croissant dough.

And for speed, rather than go for custard to fill the pastries, I used a mixture of lemon curd and peach conserve, with fresh peaches lying on top.

The short-cut croissant dough does not give the same level of flakiness you get from a traditional croissant dough, but you certainly get light, airy and crisp pastries with that wondefully rich, buttery flavour. You can make an even quicker version using all-butter puff pastry, but the croissant dough gives a little more substance, making them a touch more indulgent.


You can shape these pastries any way you want, and I have given details below the recipe for getting a standard pinwheel shape, but to be honest, keeping them simple is no bad thing.

For total ease, though, just cut a border all around the edge, about 1cm

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