Happy 4th July ! Patriotic Chocolate : Covered Marshmallows

Pine and Crave

MarshFeedFeedAs you well know by now, I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with marshmallows over the past few weeks. But ironically, I’d never made them from scratch. Anytime a recipe calls for a candy thermometer, I’m just like, that’s it—I’m out.

Having to wait until something is at a particular temperature—as well as being sure it’s at THAT exact temperature—in order for the recipe to work
ugh, too much work. And it’s also a patience thing. (I have none.)

So, you can imagine my delight when I realized how easy marshmallows actually are to make. (They are not nearly as temperamental as I thought they’d be.) And once I tasted a homemade marshmallow? Well, there’s just no going back.

For the holiday, I decorated them in red, white, and blue, and arranged them in a flag-y kind of way.



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