Fudge, Cacao, Coconut, Sour Cherries 🇬🇧

B with wellness

Chocolate, for many, is one of the hardest things to give up when trying to get your diet clean. Whether your opting to ditch the dairy or the sugar, not even the high quality brands can really hold their hands up to being guilt-free. As I began to wean myself off processed sweet treats, I found that I could no longer really justify my love of chocolate in the way that I was eating it, and I really needed to find something that gave me the cacao hit, without the guilt crash.

This fudge recipe is absolutely phenomenal. It was gifted to me from a dear friend for my birthday, and has been tweaked profusely in my many happy flavour experiments ever since. The raw cacao ticks the chocolate box and is a nutritional powerhouse of minerals and feel-good antioxidants.  The nut butter and the coconut cream mean that it’s

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