Simple Mushroom Noodles

From the wet market

When you buy vegetables in a Hong Kong wet market, a handful of spring onions is often thrown in for free. The onion greens are sprinkled over all sorts of dishes for colour and flavour, but often end up wilting in my fridge before I can use them. Until I discovered this dish, that was – they don’t have time to so much as droop, these days…


This simple noodle dish is a vegetarian riff on a recipe from Fuschia Dunlop’s brilliant book Every Grain of Rice. Spring onions and mushrooms are sizzled in hot oil and tossed through a steaming bowl of noodles. And that’s it, for this is one of those elegant dishes where a handful of flavourings brings a simple meal to life.


For extra umaminess, I’ve used dried shiitake mushrooms, or xiānggū 香菇 (« fragrant mushrooms ») in Chinese. When rehydrated, these little guys manage to combine intense…

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