Fresh Coriander Coconut Chutney

From the wet market

A few nights ago, as I spooned huge quantities of this very moreish chutney into a bowl of soup, I was reminded of my first Indian meal.

Even at the tender age of 10 or so, I fancied myself an adventurous eater, and when my parents took my brother and I to Diwana, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant near London’s Euston Station, I ambitiously ordered a huge thali.

I quickly discovered that my tastebuds weren’t nearly as adventurous as I believed. A mysterious green substance – which I now know to have been something like this chutney – proved a particular challenge, and I spent the meal pushing my food around, annoyed with myself.


Happily our palates grow up as we do, so I post this recipe in memory of all those childish likes and dislikes that we throw off as we grow up. In my case, this has…

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